Sculpted Paint

Le Melon Entamé by Jean Siméon Chardin 1760

For this first piece, I modeled, textured, and animated a still life scene using Chardin’s The Cut Melon as reference. The photos are the reverse chronological order of the steps taken to get to the final render. To texture this piece, I printed out the model’s UV maps and drew over them with marker.

Marker on paper, Maya, Cinema 4D, Redshift, Photoshop, 2024

La Tabagie by Jean Siméon Chardin 1750 - 1775

For this second piece, I modeled and textured a scene using Chardin’s La Tabagie as reference. I designed the wood texture in Substance Designer and the porcelain texture in Substance Painter. As with the previous piece, the steps are presented in reverse chronological order.

Substance Designer, Substance Painter, Maya, Cinema 4D, 2024